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Ten Client Deliverables

In support of the accomplishment of ideal client goals, we have ten items we deliver consistently to ideal clients:

1. Financial Roadmap© - A complete and thorough periodic update of your financial road map (focus on client values, goals, and benchmarking of progress):

  • Update retirement numbers in plan
  • Written plan for cash reserves
  • Written plan for each individual financial asset
  • Written plan for each goal
  • Written plan for estate
  • Written plan for the right kinds and amounts of insurance

2. Implementation Plan * - Delivery of your updated implementation plan periodically summarizing your financial plan into a simple chronological list of action steps required to create the greatest probability that you will stay on track with your financial plan over the years.

3. Progress Reports - Delivery of a quarterly progress report to you. This simple summary of your assets is designed to show you the progress you are making benchmarked against the goals you have set for yourself.

4. Growth Assets - Two “Asset Structure & Strategy” discussions with you annually. The goal of this discussion is to give you the “big picture” about your financial situation going forward and also to review your implementation plan with you.

5. Income Tax Planning - During the last two months of each year, we will do serious income tax planning for you with two objectives in mind:

  • Seek ways to reduce taxes and
  • Make sure there are no surprises in April.

6. Tax Return Preparation - During first quarter of each year, we will prepare your tax return for you, and your dependents if applicable.

7. Estate - Once every five years, we will review and update your Estate Plan with the objectives of:

  • Establishing a plan for your money to make it into the next generation and to survive beyond that, and.
  • Create a structure that will intend to bring your heirs closer together as opposed to many estate plans which create animosity and conflicts about estate assets after you’re gone.

8. Goals - We commit to contacting you proactively prior to every goal date you have established to give you the “game plan” for the accomplishment of each of your goals.

9. Cash & Debt Management: - We work with you to establish adequate cash reserves to handle financial issues that come up in life. This involves establishing a debt elimination plan as well as assistance with a major purchase. For example, when it’s time to buy a car, we want to help make sure you get a good deal on the price and we will make a recommendation as to the smartest way to pay for it. Buying or refinancing a house or any other major purchase would trigger additional help from us.

10. Insurance Review - Review every kind of insurance and -

  • Recommend the right kinds and amounts of insurance;
  • Make sure there are no coverage gaps which might endanger the financial plan, and
  • See what if anything can be done to reduce premiums. 

"There are those who travel and those who are going somewhere. They are different, and yet they are the same.

Successful people have this over their rivals: they know where they are going."

Mark Caine

* Nick Vantine offers these services through his affiliation with H.D. Vest Investment ServiceSM and H.D. Vest Advisory ServicesSM